Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi from Emma! :)

Hi everyone! I'm Emma, and I'm thrilled to be part of the Tangled team! Like Kimberly and Crystal, I've answered the interview questions below! :)

If you could be any item on Mexican restaurant menu, what would you be and why? 

A burrito, because they have so much awesomeness in them!

If you were an item of clothing what would you be and why? 

I always struggle with this question…I tend to wear clothes that are quite dark and unobtrusive, which says a lot about my personality! But I guess black is also kinda cool? A black trench coat, then. :)

When's your birthday? 

10th September

What quote inspires you most? 

Hmm…I like inspirational quotes, but I’m terrible at remembering them!

What's a pet peeve you have? 

Love triangles. I’ve just read far too many books where a love triangle is put in as an unnecessary plot device.

Something about you that no one would know just by looking at you? 

That I've been skydiving. It was amazing!

Who's your favorite princess and why? 

Belle, because she gets to live in a castle with a HUGE library! :D

Why do you want to write within the YA genre? 

I love the YA voice. It’s fresh, emotional, and not jaded by experience. Young adult fiction captures those pivotal moments in your life, when you’re discovering who you are. Mostly, I want to read and write books that excite me, because I want to be excited by life, and not approach it as a cynical adult!

Which YA book character are you most like? Explain. 

Uh…I used to be a lot like Hermione from Harry Potter when I was in school – a workaholic and grade-obsessed! (Funny, I wrote this before I saw that Kimberly had also put Hermione! I guess she’s a popular choice!)

Plotter or Pantser? 

A bit of both. I planned my first novel in intense detail, which all went out the window as soon as I started writing it. I tend to write an outline with key moments, break it into chapters, then adapt it as I go along and the characters take over.

What do you like to do when you get stuck while writing to help work through it? 

I go for a long walk and think about what’s bothering me (generally plot issues).This usually works!

Was there a specific book you read that inspired you to start writing? 

Not that I remember – I’ve just always written, and I’ve always been an avid reader, too.

What is your single most favorite thing (feel free to be as vague as you like) about your current WIP? 

The demons (*evil laugh*).

What book from childhood do you most wish you had written? What book from the past year? 

I’m going to have to be obvious and say the Harry Potter series!

Recently, The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. It was like she took everything I loved in a book and made something perfect out of it!

Two truths and one lie about yourself.

I have a cat
I’m a vegetarian
I have a younger brother


  1. My husband has gone skydiving. Which is strange, since he doesn't like heights... He loved it too!

    1. It was scary, but amazing! I would definitely do it again!

  2. Oh, I totally forgot about love triangles! Add that to my peeve list! And I'm also part of the Hermione train ;)

    1. Awesome! Yeah, I do think love triangles have been over-done recently!

  3. Fun post, Emma! I commented on your blog, too. Congrats on joining the group! :-)