Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Christina the Absent

I've been pretty absent lately. I'm sorry about that. I feel kinda like a slacker and that sucks. So, what have I been doing? (1.) I went to visit and help out my twin sis because she just had another baby, and then (2.)summer school started and I'm teaching that, and (3.) I've been patiently (coughgoingcrazycough) waiting to hear from agents that have my ms, and (4.) I've started a new WiP.

1.-It was awesome to see my sister and her kids. They are so cute. It's also strange to have an identical twin with kids b/c her little toddler reacted differently to me than to his grandma (who came down w/ me also). He trusted me more b/c I looked like her. Weird and awesome. :)

2. Summer school is less hours of work, but still soooo tiring. But I love my students.

3. I might be developing an eye twitch while waiting to hear back from agents (and that might only slightly be a joke). I'm so excited and so nervous cuz these agents are awesome and obviously getting agented is something I'm hoping for. Plus the ms they have I love so so SO much and want to share with the world someday. But yeah, *eye twitch*

4. I started a new WiP, and I love it and it's terrifying. It's a contemporary that's got snark, a hot boy, a broken girl, a cute little brother with autism, Japanese candies, and insects. (And of course, so much more too.)

To wrap up, I miss my sister and her kids, summer school is tiring, and to keep my eye from twitching out of its socket while waiting to hear from agents, I've started a new WiP that I'm in love with.

What about you guys? How are all of your summers going? What do you do when querying and waiting for agent responses? (Because really, that is like 97.4% of my life right now)

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  1. Not much you can do except try and carry on as usual! I am querying publishers at the minute and I find myself wondering several times every day if any one out there is actually reading it right now!! Fingers crossed. Have great summer.