Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The In-Between

I just recently turned in a manuscript to my agent for what I hope is her approval, and then for what I hope is soon to be a submission. I have a few ideas on the side that I could tinker around with, but I kind so stink at the in-between.

You know, that time period when you've completed one project, but may still need to tweak it, so you're not sure if you should start a new project or just "enjoy" the downtime. I say "enjoy" because I never really do enjoy it. I'm always waffling back and forth, trying to decide what would be best to do with my time. I usually read a few books, first. That part I actually do enjoy, but after that,  after I get that urge to write again, I often end up talking myself out of it.


Well, mostly because I'm sure that the moment I really get into the new project I'm going to receive the old one back from my agent and then I'll have to drop it and somehow get myself back into my old character's heads again. That's not always easy for me. Or, at least, I tell myself it won't be. See what I mean about talking myself out of it?

So, tonight, that's where I find myself. I (not so) patiently wait for feedback, and I know at some point I'll give in and begin the writing process on the new idea. I always do, and yes, once I do begin, it's almost like clockwork that I'll hear back about the old one. Such is life. :-)

What do you do in the "in-between?"

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