Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's March 4th, Have You Purchased This Book Yet?

I'm supposed to be posting an interview this month (all of us Tangled girls agreed), but I did my interview last month (scope it out here if you missed it) and think that you guys deserve to know that the book-baby is born.

(Isn't that a beautiful cover? Check out Jeremy West. He's pretty awesome.)

Erica Cameron has taken a wonderful journey to birthing this book. And she's included a crap ton of extras. As of today here are all the wonderful things that you can do: buy the book! view all the "extras" here! review the book online after you've read it! So many options. 

Personally, going on my editor's binge, I will be reading SSN again in bed. Before I sleep. Which could be the worst place to read it. 

Is it safe to go to sleep?

Happy reading :)

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