Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Books to Tangle With: Part 2!

There were SO many books I wanted to read this summer. SO MANY. I might not have gotten to all of the ones I wanted, but I did read a few amazing books that I wanted to share with all of you. I'm not going to do as many as Danielle though, just a couple because I really didn't read many books this summer. :( But I had a great and busy summer nonetheless! :)

First up is Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols. This book is about a girl that has a less than stellar life and one escape from it all: flying little airplanes at the airport next to her trailer park. But when the owner--also her flight instructor--dies, Leah is left dealing with his two sons and hoping they don't close the business and take away the one thing she loves and works hard for.

This is one of those contemporary books (like Anna & the French kiss) that makes me
strive to write better with my contemporary. THIS kind of book is what pulls me back to contemps again and again. I like contemporary books anyway, but there are very few that make me stop and say 'this is how I want to write a book.' It was the way I related to the characters, the way you see them struggle and work past those struggles. This is one of those books that I found to be beautiful and tragic and sweet. I hope that if you read it, you'll love it as much as I did.

The next book I loved was Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. It's a fantasy
novel which isn't *usually* my cup of tea. However, I kept hearing people talk about this book
on twitter and decided, what the heck! This was when I had that reading funk where no book was keeping my attention enough for me to finish it. Not this one! I LOVED this book.

Throne of Glass is about a girl that's been raised as an assassin. The book starts out with her in a work prison--mining salt--when the prince gives her a proposition: be his champi
on in exchange for her eventual freedom. Celeana (the MC) has to compete in a contest to win the role of the King's royal assassin. While dealing with court life, dueling against other champion's and growing closer to the Prince--despite the way Captain Westfall seems to understand her better--something dark and dangerous starts killing the champions one by one. But Celeana's investigation leads her into more and more danger.

The reason I really loved this book is because the world was so well written and Celeana, although prickly and a bit violent sometimes, was someone I'd want to know. Because even though she leaned toward violence as a general defense mechanism, she was still a character that pulled you in. It was her brokeness that made her beautiful to me.

All that along with the mystery of who or what is killing the champions left me turning the page and got me out of my reading funk. I didn't want to put this book down. In fact, I bought all the little novella's on my kindle as soon as I finished and when I finally get some free time again I plan to devour those as well!

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