Monday, October 8, 2012

A Post In Which I Pass Out. A lot.

I'm currently on a bus. Which is nowhere nearly as awesome as being on a boat. It's also like, 2am when I'm starting this. I just watched MERLIN and SUPERNATURAL (hot Dean is FREAKING HOT, Sam with a backbone makes me want to jump him; Gwaine and Percival were shirtless a lot.) I'm so tired.

*passes out*

We stopped in Delaware, which is great because it is FREEZING on the bus. Apparently, the thermostat is broken and it's temperature is set to TURN MY TOES BLUE. I just want to go home. I miss the cute guy from my adventure to Boston. The ride home is not nearly as entertaining.

*passes out*

Okay, well: it's now 11am & I am back home after a trip to Boston/NH to visit Cindy (& see Ariane!!!) and some other friends. I needed a quick getaway to think, to breathe, to recharge. Friends do that excellently., I'm so tired.

*passes out*

It's 4pm. I woke up about an hour ago and am eating a hamburger while I'm reading the most amazing MS. It's seriously taking my breath away. I love finding things like this and I hope it stays awesome!!


Well, that was my day. It's 9:24 now and this random post is WAY late. I sat down to write something inspiring, and I had all these snippets on my phone from my journey, so I figured I'd go with it. Plus, I am just tired.

I had a lovely weekend in Boston (for like 5 hours total on two days) and spent the rest of Thursday -Sunday with my fantastically-amazing friend Cindy. I got to see Ariane, have lots of margaritas, visit with my old roommates and two close friends. I just needed to recharge. I've been wracking my brain working on the sequel, and not getting hired my temp job and dealing with LIFE--oh, that incredible beast.

Now, though, I'm back.

I have lots of emails to answer, manuscripts to edit and others to read, winter clothes to dig out, shows to watch, a book to write. So, I should start some of that....soon.

Now that I've had time to refresh, gained some new perspective and had A LOT of sleep, I'm ready to jump in again. There's nothing like taking a break away with friends and writing to make life awesome again. :)

Oh, and my author, Mary Gray, is having a cover-reveal week for THE DOLLHOUSE ASYLUM!! Check out all the details here. 

How was your weekend????


  1. Awww. I didn't expect you to name me. Cute snippets! I'm on season seven!! Catching up on #SPN!