Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Word(s) for 2013

As the new year begins many people have been defining their goals and resolutions for 2013 in one word. I really love this idea of choosing single words because it requires you to really distill your dreams and hopes down to their simplest form, to think about what they really are. Never one to be succinct, I can only narrow it down to two words (though, in my defense -- they are related).

My words for 2013 are: BALANCE and EFFICIENCY. 

I have always had too much to do at any given time, but I've also always been really good at organizing my time and using it wisely. The past few months have been difficult for me, partly because I seem to be sick for what feels like months at a time and partly because I just haven't been good about making the best use of my time (which has mainly been due to feeling drained after being sick so much). As anyone who has ever been a student can tell you, the problem with falling behind is that it is a slippery slope -- one that in many cases, can rarely be hiked UP. 

So as I begin 2013 (with the flu unfortunately, but you can't plan everything...) my goal for this year is to regain my footing and keep moving forward efficiently. This requires me to balance a number of things: my day job with my publishing job. Running my new contemporary imprint, Spencer Hill Contemporary, with my continued projects at Spencer Hill Press. Discovering new writers with being the best, most supportive editor I can for my current clients. Supporting my clients who have book coming out this year (YAY!) with my clients who are just now beginning edits (also, YAY!) Reading for work and beta reading for my incredibly talented writer friends. And most importantly: Working with spending time with my unbelievably supportive husband and our wonderful kiddos. 

For me, the trick to both balance AND efficiency can be found in planning and making realistic goals. In these first few weeks I am laying out my schedule very clearly -- making sure that I have time allocated for each of my commitments and then holding myself to the deadlines I've set. And while I'm setting up my schedule to maximize efficiency, I'm also leaving room for the unexpected -- trying my best to balance what I know I need to do with what the surprises the year has not yet thrown my way. I'm also beginning the year with a new staff at SHC, each of them helps to make this dream job of mine a more realistic venture and I am so grateful to have them and so excited to really get started working with them! (I'm looking at YOU everyone listed on this page:

So here's to 2013 and anyone striving for balance and efficiency! It's going to be an amazing year and I cannot wait to see what it holds -- both in the things I know are coming and the wonderful surprises I have yet to discover.


What is your word(s) for 2013? What one thing from last year do you hope to do better in the coming year? What are some of the ways you hold yourself to a schedule or self-imposed deadlines?



  1. Woohoo!! 2013 is going to be AWESOME, girly! So excited to be one of the projects on your massive To-Do list! ;)

  2. My word is "publish." I'm aiming for a paid short story a month, as well as putting out a collection of related short stories and getting my novel published. It's ambitious, but I think I'm ready for it. I had a great acceptance rate last year for shorts, and I want to keep up the momentum.

    As a way to achieve all this, I need to write - a lot. I'm using to track my progress and keep myself accountable.