Friday, September 6, 2013


You'll have to forgive me for posting this a day early, but tomorrow is Saturday and I'm not usually home on the weekends... though I should remedy that and use the weekends to write. :)

On starting new projects.

Recently I decided to shelve my little dystopian story and start something new. I am not a planner. I had the first sentence in my mind and a vague idea of a storyline. My brain just doesn’t work well with outlines and organization… at least not in my writing. I like to sit down, listen to music, and just write. And, if inspiration still doesn’t want to come, I like to browse pictures online that remind me of my story. I have pinterest boards dedicated to each of my wips with pictures of people that remind me of my characters to photos that look like the general settings of my stories. It’s a great way for me to keep inspirations going, especially when the newness of the project begins to fade and (hopefully not, but sometimes) the excitement of that brand new.

Because I like to share, a picture from my pinterest board that shows the feel/setting of my current wip.


I also love when new ideas pop up because I’m convinced each time that it will be the LAST IDEA I EVER HAVE. Ever. I don’t know if people like this exist, but I’m not a person who has a file saved of a list of story ideas. Once again, I don’t work well with lists and organization. I wish I did. I feel like it would help keep me focused when my brain wanders in another direction. Though, I think it’s the wandering that actually helps my writing. I just get distracted easily because of it too. Darn internet.


Starting new projects is so fun to me. I like seeing where they end up. There’s all that potential a new idea and blank page have. I think that’s my favorite thing about starting a new wip. That and (I hope) seeing how my writing grows and stretches with each new project.


So, how do you go in when you start a new project? Excitement? Organization? Do you plot and outline or just sit down and write? Do you have a list of ideas waiting to become new projects or, like me, do they just hit you out of the blue one day? Does the internet inspire or distract you (or in my case, both)? What’s your favorite things about starting a new wip?

 photo 2e8a0d9f-452a-4697-9e3e-b0adf99fd5d2_zps3a7b1f71.jpg


  1. That is a gorgeous photo! I love using Pinterest for inspiration too, and have boards for everything I'm writing! :) Re: how starting a new project, I have things come to me, make notes (everywhere), compile them together (on the comp), and then work on making everything cohesive as a whole later. A lot of times, once I've gotten a few key moments/scenes, that's when I resort to a bit of plotting. I love seeing how the feel of one new project can be so different from a previous one! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. New ideas are like crack to me, lol! But I always write down what I can about them, as it drives me nuts later on when I know I'm not correctly remembering everything that I'd thought up at the time of the new 'birth'. =)

  3. If I get a new idea, I have to file it away somewhere -- usually in a Scrivener file.