Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We are Limitless

December is the season where we tell our babies and toddlers and youngsters that magic exists, it's real and you can have it if you believe in it enough. When do we all stop believing in that magic? I hope the answer is never. 

Imagination is our greatest tool and it has carried humanity to impossible shores and beyond. And I think that we need to use it more, or we'll all grow zombie-like.

Here's what one of my favorite author's has to say about the topic of imagination:

“I think most people’s imaginations don’t have limits. Imaginations get limits forced on them. You know, it’s really interesting, with kids. Kids just imagine stuff. They make stuff up. They think up stuff. They daydream. As we get older, we stop daydreaming. As we get older, we stop letting our mind wander, and it’s when your mind goes wandering that it comes home with really interesting things that it found on the way. I think what’s most important is just remembering the value of imagining. The knowledge that, if you look around, everything you see was imagined at some time, by somebody.”
— Neil Gaiman, in an interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines

I watch the little ones I teach everyday and there's a wonderment that I try to tap into with my own artistic endeavors. We are never too old to daydream. We are never too old to dream. We are never too old for imagination. We are limitless.

What have you been imagining lately?

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  1. A great quote! I've currently been hunting around on Etsy trying to find the perfect 'Imagine' in a vinyl wall word for my office. =)

  2. My son has the best imagination. I'm in awe of him and crazy jealous. "Why didn't I think of that?"

  3. I love this. Over the thanksgiving break I was playing catch with a 10 year old girl. it was funny how together we changed the flow of the game from how far we threw to how we caught the ball. It made me remember how easily I imagined up games when I was her age with my sisters. at some point most of us change the way we think to just trying to do tasks most efficiently rather than most interestingly.