Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Check-in

Welcome to another installment of the Monday Check-In! Every Monday we post small updates on what we've accomplished in the past week with writing. If we've gotten a lot done, or accomplished some of our goals, we cheer each other on. If we've not gotten enough done, or are in writing slump, we still cheer each other on. Sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you really can do it, right?

Christina: I got a new student and as a result, I've been exhausted this week. So I didn't get the two chpts done that I wanted but I did finish one (which was the end of Part 2 in my WIP! Yay!) I did get some edits done for other people that I needed to but I still have more too. So, my plan for this week is to write another chpt (hopefully two though) and get more edits done for my CP's and such!

Jodi: In an effort to locate my lost sanity, I've gone on a writing hiatus. Short of my blog post for Tangled, I've only written a few hundred words toward my fiction goals. But, in the interim, I'm working on improving my French vocabulary (bucket list!), and I get to READ!

Danielle: I finished Darkness (it's now an MS officially!!) and did a round of edits before sending it off to some betas and CPs. I'm doing some edits for my internship and a winner of a contest. I also just started a brand new WIP that I'm calling Salt and I am so excited. :)

Cindy: I'm slowly revising...... I revised about 18 pages over the last week but that's it between sickness and people visiting. I want to revise at least 50 pages this week.

What are your goals this week? How can we cheer you on?! Let us know in the comments of in Twitter: @tangledupnwords @PatriciaERiley @DanielleEWrites @cindyiswriting @TheDrunch @christinaferko

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  1. Hello there! I'm so glad I have the time (barely- it's 1 AM here) to read your blog again. With the craziness that's been NaNoWriMo, now I have taken a break from writing (bad, bad me!) and instead I focused on the school I have lately neglected. But it turns out school is so, so, very boring! So today I got to write 1000 words. Yay me! Your chapter goal seems very interesting. If I keep to writing 2 chapters a week, maybe I can finish my MS by the end of the year.
    How could you help me? I need to read Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Mill on the Floss, so if there's any means you know to pour knowledge into one's head, it'd be very helpful. Also, my boyfriend needs to be entertained, so a clone would be also useful.
    Ah, but I love this life. Writing is awesome!
    Sorry, this should have been a blog post, not a comment, but be happy with me! :D