Monday, April 9, 2012

Why I Write: Author Round-up

This week starts three weeks here on Tangled with authors and writer's talking about the thing that connects us: writing! Why we write, what it means to us and what happens when we're not writing. It's going to be three weeks of long adventures and great stories. (And if that's not enough, we're also going to have an epic giveaway at the end of the three weeks. Right now, we're still finalizing all the prizes--but you can start entering now.)

We're excited to host fantastic authors!

I write because there is no better way to get complex emotions outside of me. Also, because I owe it to my Minions. 
The Chronicles of Vladmir Todd, The Slayer Chronicles, Soulbound 

*  *

I write because I LOVE to create, salivate over words, & thirst for stories. 

*  *

I write because ever since I first learned how to read, it was my favorite thing to do; and during some difficult times in my life, escaping into a book was the one way I could get away. So I don't write to send a message, so much as to provide people with an immersive reading experience. I have no problem with the label "escapist fiction" - that's exactly what I'm trying to do. 
~Leah Cypess

*  *
Writing is something I've always done. It's part of me. It gives me a creative outlet and keeps me from going crazy. Writing is the best thing that's ever happened to me because of the people it's brought into my life and for that, I will always do it. Plus, it's FUN. 

*  *

 I write because I want teenagers to feel hopeful about life, love, friendship, and the future. 
Catching Jordan, Stealing Parker

*  *

I write because I'm addicted to the high of solving the puzzle, of that moment when the narrative pieces click into place, and what's in front of you ceases to be scenes and becomes a story. 
The Near Witch, The Archived (2013) 

*  *

Thanks to all these fantastic people for offering up a piece of why they write. Tune in for the rest of April to hear from more authors and writers on why they do what they do! 

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  1. I don't actually write myself...though I have given it a try in the past and found that I don't have the patience or the skill! I will stick to being a reader for now, which I LOVE. I read because I love escaping into another person's head. :)

  2. I am really bad at creative writing. The only type of writing I can do good is essays but then I hate writing essays so.. I read. I sometimes find life kind of boring so I like to read so I can escape into a world of someone else's creation and have fun :)