Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Last year, I had one resolution. Read 100 books in the year. I really thought that goal would be wayyyyy too much for me. So when December rolled around and I'd already hit 100, I was shocked! So yay for hitting last year's goal...now hopefully the same will happen in 2012!

This year, my resolution won't be about reading though. I'm going to focus more on my writing. I've decided that my resolution for 2012 is to finish this WiP that I'm working on--first draft, edits, revising, all of it--and get it into the dreaded querying phase. (I'm at about halfway through writing my first draft for this WiP) Which means, a lot less slacking for me. In December, with all the holiday preparations and such, I barely got any writing done. So you can see that I need to step it up a bit.

My, hopefully realistic, goals will be to finish this first draft by the end of March. (Which means I really need to get back into a writing regime) Then take a month or so off before starting edits. I haven't started working on my query letter yet either, so I'm planning to do that while on break before starting those edits.

So that's my resolution/plan. What about yours? Any other reading or writing related resolutions out there or any just in general? I'd love to hear them!

(side note: I plan on 2012 being a great year! I'll be turning 27 this year and that's my favorite number so that has to mean something, right? Right?! lol)

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