Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Monday!!

Hope you're enjoying the month and not freezing!! It's 10 degrees in Boston this morning. Brr....I'm so cold.

It's Monday again and you know what that means. Mondays we (try) to post small updates on what we've accomplished in the past week with writing. If we've gotten a lot done, or accomplished some of our goals, we cheer each other on. If we've not gotten enough done, or are in writing slump, we still cheer each other on. Sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you really can do it, right? Make you sure you chime in with your goals for the week, too!

Christina: Last week I got a fair amount of writing done, a little more than 3K! My goal for the rest of this WiP is 1k every Monday-Thursday until it's done (which would hopefully be March) or the equivalent of that amount of writing by the end of each week. So this week, fingers crossed, my goal is 4k! (Ack, that's a lot for me!)

Cindy: Doing minor revisions as feedback comes in from readers and working on drafting my query letter.

Danielle: Well, I was surprisingly productive last week. I spent the week in NYC with some friends and then with Patricia and Christina! P and I talked about my MS and figured out some plotting/ re-organizing to fix a couple details. (See picture!) So, my goal is to continue working on these changes. I want to spend one hour each night working on the revisions, and that will start tonight.

Patricia: Having spent the last week doing all manner of fun plotting/planning type things with Danielle (who was visiting), I am excited to work on applying some of those newly invented (and VERY colorful, literally) methods to my own projects. Also working though some writing-related mental blocks, which I'll share more about in my next post.

What are your goals for the week?? Did you reach the ones you set last week?

AND, one more thing to share...this week on the blog we're talking about the double-edged sword: Perfection.

Each of us will be sharing something based on this, whether it's positive or negative, writing, revising or living. We hope you'll join us!

Happy Monday!!

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