Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Blogger,

There are days that we love you and your ability to make what should be complicated posts simple. However, today is not one of those days. Today, we tell you all the things that you do that upset us. Today we vent and hope that you fix your problems. Today, you deleted a post that was not easy to write, and for that, we're not happy with you.

This is us:

Let the ranting begin:

I hate the way you never format things like you're supposed to and I have to spend hours redoing it.
I hate when you delete my pictures.
I hate that you don't let me arrange my pictures the way I want. Why don't you do that, Blogger?
I love the way you connect me to other people.
I love when you leave me comments in my email. Ding.
I hate that your look is so limited and I don't know html.
I hate the way you miss scheduled posts. 
I hate the way you sometimes DELETE posts that we spent hours working on and crafting and writing. Not cool.
Why don't you delete the posts that I spent no time on and were sloppy?? Why delete the ones that are actually deep and meaningful???
Please fix your issues, blogger. We'd be oh so happy if you did. 
The Tangled Up In Words Team

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