Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Check-In

Time for another check-in where we share what we've gotten (or haven't gotten) done this last week!

Christina: This last week I wrote 4500words in my WiP. I'm so so sooo close to finishing and have been trying to step it up. Between work and life and everything in between, I'm pretty happy with how much I got done. This coming week I have quite a few plans, but I'm really hoping to write about the same amount.

Patricia: This week I started a new editing project for my Spencer Hill Press internship AND started a new internship with Stacy Abrams at Entangled Publishing! I am loving both internships and having a great time reading through slush and working on projects. I also had the amazing pleasure of reading Jennifer Rush's debut ALTERED which I will be working into many, many posts in the months to come. So many great writing techniques to talk about! On the writing front, I only added 600 words to my WIP, but you know what they say... slow and steady wins the race. :) I also did some basic sketching of a new idea thanks to a new brainstorming game that Danielle and Cindy came up with!

Cindy: I feel so unproductive compared to my wonderful blog partners, Christina and Patricia. I didn't write anything last week at all. Nothing. I was still trying to get caught up on some critique reading, and never quite made it to my own MS. That will change this week, as I've already devoted a little time to it. Let's hope that this week will be a more productive writing week!

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