Friday, May 4, 2012

Conversation with a Crit Partner

As you all know, critique partners are sorta awesome. Me and mine (which are these lovely girls here!) all approach things differently. Since my post on Tuesday proclaiming my writing transition blues, Cindy so happily volunteered to have writing dates with me. So now, every Monday and Thursday night she's forcing me to write words with her for an hour. No matter what. No excuses. Isn't she great?

Last night, I was brainstorming with her in a pre-writing session. My big issue with this story is that it's so simple I make it complicated. And it's so complicated that I get lost in it. Of course, all this is in my head! In reality it's not so bad. (At least, that's what we keep telling ourselves! I think Christina will disagree once we go at this MS with shearing scissors.)

Anyway, this is what happens when we brainstorm. At least sometimes.... *ahemALWAYSahem*

 Cindy:  hahaha
what was your idea?
you said you had an idea for what to write next?
are you going to go with it?
 me:  just an idea. idk
 Cindy:  stop thinking about the sub plots
and write the idea
 me:  hhahahaha
im not. now im talking to X. lol

Cindy:  I command you!

 me:  bahahahha

 Cindy:  Did that work?

 me:  no

 Cindy:  lol
 me:  hahahahaha
 Cindy:  I just emailed her
 me:  hahha
 me:  emailed about what?
 Cindy:  shakes wand
 me:  stuffs fingers in ears
 Cindy:  to apologize for not getting her MS back to her yet
me:  i think she's got a whole revision now
you should check before you start that
expecto patronum
 Cindy:  damn you!
and your Harry Potter knowledge
I must re-read those books
 me:  heheheheh
we must say that
anytime we get a bright idea
get it?
 Cindy:  I do!
 me:  im punny.

Life changing stuff right? AH. As a side note, we did actually write was just later.

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