Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things NOT to Miss

We girls are ALL over the place this week. Literally. Christina from house A to house B. Cindy to Seattle and home. Patricia from school to work to more work to more work. Danielle to DC/Boston/NYC and back and forth. Basically, we're all in transition right now (mostly from place to place.)

So excuse us as we post a little less this week and next. 

Instead, there are SO MANY things happening on the internet. So many good, emotional, powerful things. Here's a recap of some things. 

(EVERY writer reading this must go read this one!!!)
There is a phrase I'm hearing more and more: "book of my heart." It's a term writers are using to explain to others that the particular project they're working on is one that is very personal and dear to them. All books are works of art and take some of ourselves to write, but a "book of your heart" is one that is ripped from your very soul. It's the important one, your baby, the one that you wrote with blood, sweat, and tears; the one that means more to you than any other.

I have 120 extra copies of SHATTER ME that I want to give away to libraries/teachers/programs-that-support-reading all across the country. Which means I'm looking for 120 librarians/teachers/schools/etc., who are interested in a free copy of SHATTER ME for their readers. I will cover all shipping costs, and will ship anywhere in the US.
3. Days of Blood and Starlight by Lani Taylor has a cover!

4. Two other AWESOME COVERS.

Whispers in Autumn                                                    Let the Sky Fall 

Both of these are on my TBR...and now I'm more excited! eek!!

5. You can buy Hourglass by Myra McEntire for $1.99 on the Kindle. Just go here

6. Patricia and Danielle will be at BEA! 

If you see us, make sure you stop by and say hello. One sure fire way to spot us will be at 1) Teen Author Carnival 2) Jennifer Armentrout's signing of Cursed ARCs on Wednesday 3) Victoria Schwab's signing on Thursday 4) Spencer Hill Press booth at any given moment. We'd love to meet any of you who are around.

7. All of this was obviously a ploy to make us feel better for not posting quality and it's Wednesday. And....

What else is going on the YA world? In your writing? In life?? 

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  1. Haha, I love the gif. And the Whispers in Autumn cover. Fantastic! But you're right - I should be working on the book of my heart. :)