Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Write...Therefore I am Crazy?

Writing can make you, well.....crazy. As if hearing voices inside our heads all day long isn't enough, there are plenty of other things about writing that can make us writerly types more than a little loco. Here's a (short) list of things that may make me a little crazy.

In the name of writing:
  • I've skipped meals and/or eaten pita chips, grapes and a Clif bar throughout the entirety of a day in order to get the most writing done with the least amount of distraction;
  • I've given up sleep--like enormous amounts of sleep that before I began writing I could have never imagined I could live without;
  • I've fist bumped the air in excitement over a particular idea/line/scene/character;
  • I've danced, like full-on cabbage patch (please tell me you know what that is), in excitement over a particular idea/line/scene/character;
  • I've given up on TV shows that I once never missed a single episode of;
  • I've allowed my children to watch *way* too much TV;
  • I've gotten up at 3 a.m. to work on a scene that just won't leave me alone (yes, I know this is similar to giving up sleep, but waking up at that hour for any reason is just crazy in and of itself);
  • I've started the four hour drive home from a writing retreat at 1 a.m. just so I didn't have to give up a single moment of writing time;
  • I've cried, screamed, paced, erased, rewritten, and just generally freaked out at various points during the writing of a novel;
  • And despite all that, I'm still doing it and LOVING it. 
How about you? What have you done that's crazy in the name of writing?

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