Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In which Cindy has EXCITING news

There's this really cool thing that happens when your writing friends have awesome news. What is it? Well, you get to share it too! It's, like, the best. So, with that said, all of us at Tangled are really excited right now. And we are thrilled to share in this exciting day as our very own (and awesome) Cindy Thomas has exciting news! 

She has an agent!!!  


Cindy is now repped by Marcy Posner of Folio Literary Management!

To read the full story about how Cindy landed her agent, check out her blog. You can also catch her on twitter @CindyIsWriting and give her happy thoughts. 

Congrats Cindy!!!
We are so happy for you!! 

**Now, excuse us, while we flail and dance in gif format**

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