Friday, August 26, 2011

Distractions Galore

So you sit down on your couch (or at your desk, or at your favorite table in your favorite coffee shop or wherever you go to write) with your computer open and you're completely ready to kick that word count in the butt...

Until distractions galore hit you.

Did you ever see Finding Nemo? When all the seagulls see the fish and want it for themselves?

Sometimes I feel like that poor little fish. A flock of hungry birds all clamoring to get it. I'm the fish and all the distractions I face are the seagulls, waiting to consume me. And just like that flock there are plenty of distractions to whisk me away from my writing: other books to read, crit partners stuff to edit, the internet, t.v., work, family, friends, chores even! Yes, sometimes I'd even rather do chores than write! Blasphemy, right? But it's true...sad but true. But the list could go on and on.

Some days distractions try to take over my writing time. The T.V. (which I don't usually watch much of) and other books that I want to read have been, in particular, a main problem for me this week (Also, this week has been THE week of distractions for me).

So the question is: What do you do when faced with distractions?

What I always end up having to do is figure out a reward system for myself. If I really want to watch a movie/tv show or read a book or something like that then I make that my reward AFTER I finish writing a set amount (whether it's after a certain amount of time or getting a chapter done or making word count goal).

Except, sometimes distractions can't be helped. You have to get some things done like work or errands or whatnot. What then? Do you just push your writing to the side? Usually when that happens to me, I try to double my goal (or okay, sometimes I only increase it a little) but still, I set a reward for myself. Usually this reward system works for me. We get along. He (yeah, I just referred to my reward system as a 'he.' Why, is that weird?) is like my own little pelican saving me from my distractions. (See, bringing it back around to Finding Nemo again.) As long as I stick to my reward system, I change those pesky little seagulls from distractions into profits.

So what about you guys? What do you do to fend off the distractions? Any methods that really work for you or maybe ones that you're hoping to implement? I've also found that accountability (like what we do on Mondays here at Tangled Up in Words) works wonders too!

(So, now that your done reading my post, stop getting distracted by blogs and go write something all you creative people!)

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  1. I'm still struggling with this! I've been so distracted for the past two days.