Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Teasers!

Every other Sunday we want to share a teaser with all of you from what we are writing and working on, BUT we don't want to share only our stuff. We want to hear from you and see your amazing writing as well! So, if any of you want to send in a snippet of your writing to have up as a Sunday Teaser then feel free to email me at christinaferko(at)gmail(dot)com You can send something to me at anytime! We can't wait to hear what you guys have and share a little bit of our own. And feel free to post teasers in the comments.

On the Sundays we don't do teasers, our RPA (Resident Published Author) Jennifer Armentrout will be offering up critiques and posts from an author's standpoint! Be sure to stop by on Sundays for all those opportunities.

Today's teaser comes from Danielle and her current WiP Here it is:

I don’t answer. I look around this place. I study the metal bars along the ground the best I can. I count the pieces of trash we pass. I hum inside my head. I listen for the sound of his boots clomping. But even all the distractions can’t stop the words from coming out.

“I die.”

He doesn’t hear me. The words are barely whispered. Inaudible and lost in the darkness of the burrows.

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