Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Check-In

After much discussion and planning, everyone here at Tangled agrees that accountability is a huge part of achieving goals. So in order for us to be accountable to one another, each Monday we will have a Monday Check-In for us to keep track of our progress. We'll talk about our word counts for the past week, any shiny new ideas we have and admit when we may need a little encouragement to get back on the writing horse so to speak.

Without further adieu, here is our very first check-in:

Danielle says: My novel and I have been going around and around--and I think we've finally reached a point we're both happy with. I'm so excited. My goal for this week is to reach 10K. I currently rest at 6.5K--which when you're rewriting something that used to have 102K words, it's really a sad number. BUT in reaching 10K, my story will be at new twist and have this new layer of tension that will be so fun to write. I'm also re-reading The Hunger Games and writing a paper for school! If I get all that done it will be an awesome week!

Drea says: So, this week I randomly stumbled upon a new idea that has gripped me and refused to let me out of it clutches. I have decided to pursue the new idea and spent some time this week researching various components and thinking through the setting. I also have started to spend some time fleshing out my main character, Thora. Currently, I have about 1000 words written which isn't a ton, but it's a start. I am pretty good at coming up with ideas and characters, but I have a really big problem with writing confidence and stamina. I often talk myself out of writing or convince myself that my WIP isn't working out. I don't want to do that with this project so I need more people like Cindy who keep pushing me. I love this idea so I am hoping this will be the one that finally gets me from start to finish.

Patricia says: After lots and lots of brainstorming, research, and procrastination I finally buckled down and made it to a little over 12,500 words on my (spectacularly drafty) first draft this week! After getting some very positive and energetic feedback on the chapters I shared I'm very excited to keep going and I am aiming to pass 20K this week. Here's hoping I can keep up the momentum!

My (Cindy's) Check-In: In the past week I've written about 5K in my current WIP, which puts me up to just under 48K. As I tend to write more concisely in my first draft and then build the story up during revisions, this is super exciting because I feel like I'm almost done. I suspect within the next two weeks I'll be completely done with this draft. I also had a new idea this week, that I'm more than a little happy about it. It's completely outside the realm of what I've written before, so it should be lots of fun to play around with when the current WIP is complete.

Christina's Check-In: Lately I've been editing my last WIP and I'm almost done and happy with it but I also feel like I need to take a step back from it so I can go back to it with fresh eyes. So, for now, I am going to work on my draft of my current WIP. As of now it's just a little baby draft with only 6500 words and this week I'm going to try to hit 10k on it. Which is a little intimidating to me because school starts this week too so my students will all be wearing me out and I'll really need to be held accountable to not come home and push my writing to the side with the excuse that I'm tired. I'm so excited for this WIP though!

Now we'd like to hear from you. How was your last week in writing? Did you make amazing progress? Do you need some encouragement? Either way, we'd love to help cheer you on. Please leave us a comment with your current status. Happy Writing!!


  1. This is great! What a fun way to keep up with what everyone is working on, and set goals and keep them =) I'm currently at the 10k mark in my new WIP. Goal for this week, try to write, at all! LOL I've got a lot going on w/ the blogs. So I think I'll set my goal to reach 20k by the end of next week =) Awesome!

  2. Trisha, we are all rooting for you!! This is apparently the 10k mark week. :))

  3. :) And the week for striving for 20k! Let us know how you do next week!

  4. Yay! Let's do it, guys! I can't wait to see where we all are next week!