Saturday, August 27, 2011

Writing Prompt (1)

Every Saturday we want to offer some sort of weekend challenge to keep you writing or something we're calling resources. So, we'll be alternating weeks to bring you writing prompts, fun or encouraging resources (articles, blog posts, books, etc) that we've found.

It's a weekend---which means that you'll probably be writing at some point and that WE will probably be writing at point. The writing prompts are supposed to act as little brain teasers to get everyone thinking.  If you have something you want to submit, check out our Resources tab at the tab and just fill out the form.

The sound of the night wind through the hole in the screen door whistled. Despite myself, the noise brought back all the memories from that night. I swore to myself I'd never remember, but....
If you use this, leave us a snippet of what you did in a comment! And otherwise, happy writing

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