Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday Check-in on Tuesday

Sometimes things happen. Today is a complete example of this theory. Drea worked really hard on an awesome--and it was really, really, really awesome--post on craft (that's Tuesday's focus). I went to post it and then--bam---it was gone. Seriously. Blogger ate it. We have no idea what happened. And since today is her first day of teaching, there's no way to get another one. 

Then yesterday, when were supposed to post this post--Cindy was unable to escape her writing vortex. She's been swept away! 

So, here's a Monday check-in on the Tuesday that blogger ate our original post! Huzzah!

Drea: I don't have an updated word count for my new WIP. The school year is getting ready to begin and my energies have been focused on preparing for my students to arrive next week. I really need encouragement to stay on track in spite of the stress and long hours.

Danielle: The last two weeks have been an adventure. I read some books for school, wrote some papers for school and I broke 15K on my draft. My WIP is all a big puzzle that I'm putting together and it's been a lot of stress, tears, fun and rewards. I've been going back and forth with some of my crit partners about how/what/when/why I should do things. It's stressful, but it's so good to be challenged. This week, I have one more massive paper to write on two books that I haven't read yet that's due on Friday for school. Then, Patricia is coming to visit for the weekend! I also start full time at my job this week. So, if I get any writing done then it will super awesome. My goal is to survive and get my homework finished!!

Christina: I took the week off from writing. My twin sis was in town and since I don't get to see her often, I spent my time with her. So, I didn't get any writing done but I have been brainstorming on my plot for my WiP. I also plan to try and write two more chapters this week!

Cindy: *is stuck in a vortex of writing* I didn't do much writing the last two weeks. Until the last three days. Now, all of a sudden, I can't seem to pull myself away from writing for more than eating. I have seriously not stopped thinking about my book and how it's going to end, and well, it's sucked me in so much that everything else has just sort of faded into the background these past few days...I can hardly sleep at all because I suddenly can't get the plot lines out of my head! With that being said, I am actually ONE scene away from ending the book.

Patricia: Like Drea, I don't have an updated word count as the past week was consumed by things for work and getting my son off to a very happy start in Kindergarten! (Very happy for him, kind of teary/stressful/overly-emotional/happy-ish for me!) I think the overwhelming events of the week kind of threw me into a bit of a slump, both with my reading and my writing. I have been doing a little plotting and brainstorming, so not a total failure on the writing front. While I'm giving myself the rest of this week to get out of my funk (and to have a fabulous weekend visit with Danielle!), I am hoping to jump right back into my productive plans for the rest of September.

What are your goals this week?


  1. you girls really have a lot to do! :D
    I'd love a critique partner who knows about books
    you're all from the mighty USA, right?

  2. I also meant to mention that I did hit my goal for last wee tho!

    And yes, I believe we are all from the U.S. (correct me if I'm wrong girls)

  3. We're all here! All in the north-ish except for Drea. :)