Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunday Teaser!

It's time for another Sunday Teaser! But first, if any of you are writers as well then we'd love to share some teasers from you guys too! So, if you have a project you've done or are working on, and want to share a little bit of it, send your teasers to: christinaferko(at)gmail(dot)com

We'd love to see and share what you guys have too!

And now here is this Sunday's teaser. This one comes from my own WiP. I hope you like it. (It's a bit morbid though...)

My knees buckle and I fall to the ground, right next to Elder Gale. A hollow feeling creeps into my chest. The sound of Declan calling my name and Supervisor Dresden shouting in the doorway reaches my ears like an echo, distorted and distant. Declan tugs on my hand. His warm skin stings against the cold that has taken over my body, and I rip my hand out of his. My fingers tremble as I reach out to Elder Gale. They hang in the air above him, not touching but so close.
His blood crawls across the floor to me, still warm as it leeches into my clothes and covers my skin. A scream sounds in the room, long and piercing. It isn’t until the pain sears my throat that I realize it’s me. I’m screaming and I can’t stop. It pours out of me like the blood that pours out of Elder Gale. The same thought fills my head over and over again: Next to me is the body of a man I killed.

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