Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Check-in

Welcome to another installment of the Monday Check-In! Every Monday we'll post small updates on what we've accomplished in the past week with writing. If we've gotten a lot done, or accomplished some of our goals, we cheer each other on. If we've not gotten enough done, or are in writing slump, we still cheer each other on. Sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you really can do it, right?

Plus, today is a really awesome in the YA world because The Hunger Games trailer premiered and we're all pretty excited!! Have you seen it? Look....

Without further adieu, here is our check-in for this week:

Christina: I've been super sick this week (boo!) so I only got one short chapter done. Hopefully I'll stop being sick all the time and be able to start writing again.

Danielle: This past week was a  roller coaster for writing. I was a day ahead in my NaNo word count, so I skipped a night. Then, somehow, I was three days behind! Shows what happens when you get out of habit. I'm all caught up now though and will break 25k tonight or tomorrow. (I'm almost there!) I'm also trying *not* to brainstorm this Shiny New that attacked me out of the blue on Sunday OR to fangirl THG (see above) on Tumblr. Slightly failing in both areas. Anyway, another week of NaNo is ahead---so here goes.

Cindy:  I was able to get a large chunk of pages revised and have just 66 pages left to revise. Hoping to be finished by the end of the week. Yay!

Patricia: NaNo has offically hit week 3! Bringing with it a spectacular shiny new and stress about falling behind. My plan this week is to keep writing at least 1,666 words everyday that I can. I am also keeping my Shiny New at bay by jotting down any notes and scenes that won't get out of my head. If only ALL the words counted (especially since I wrote a 10 pg term paper this weekend and have racked up thousands of words in GChat and emails!)

What about you? We'd love to hear how your last week in writing went. Please leave us a comment to let us know! 

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