Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh tease.

One thing we like to do on Tangled is share pieces of what we're writing. Teasers are fun! Here are some pieces from us.

Patricia (from current WIP, working title: PLETHORA)

“I’ll get that, you shouldn’t have to clean up my mess,” I reached down, hastily grabbing for a piece of the wreckage but finding myself with a handful of dirt. The boy had already cleared away the pot and was walking toward the back of the greenhouse. 

“It’s my job,” he said simply, turning back to look at me briefly before walking away. My feet followed the boy toward the back of the greenhouse of their own accord.

“What is?” Racking my brain trying to figure out what this boy’s job was. The only things I was coming up with at the moment were fireman or prince, what was wrong with my brain? 

“Cleaning up the greenhouse, I’m Christopher’s assistant gardener. I live in the guest house out back.” He glanced at me with a barely-there smile playing about his lips, “I guess that means I’m allowed to break stuff too.” 

“Of course,” I could feel the brain fog thickening as I started at the boy, “Well I don’t want bother you anymore so here you go.” I deposited the handful of dirt I forgot I was holding on top of his pile of broken pottery, then turned and walked quickly out of the greenhouse before I could properly process that I had just handed an extremely attractive guy (who lived in my house) a bunch of dirt. The realization that I was obviously suffering from some sort of brain aliment hit me just as I reached the door into the residence hall. I headed to Cordilia’s room. Maybe she knew of some magical, natural remedy for sudden idiocy. 

Christina (from current WIP, working title: VERITAS)

My knees buckle and I fall to the ground, right next to Elder Gale. A hollow feeling creeps into my chest. The sound of Declan calling my name and Supervisor Dresden shouting in the doorway reaches my ears like an echo, distorted and distant. Declan tugs on my hand. His warm skin stings against the cold that has taken over my body, and I rip my hand out of his. My fingers tremble as I reach out to Elder Gale. They hang in the air above him, not touching but so close.

His blood crawls across the floor to me, still warm as it leeches into my clothes and covers my skin. A scream sounds in the room, long and piercing. It isn’t until the pain sears my throat that I realize it’s me. I’m screaming and I can’t stop. It pours out of me like the blood that pours out of Elder Gale. The same thought fills my head over and over again: Next to me is the body of a man I killed.  

Danielle (from current WIP, working title: FOLLOW ME THROUGH DARKNESS)

I move from the table and bump into a woman. An apple rolls from her bag and I hand it to her from the ground. She doesn’t take it. 

“I’m sure it’s fine. It doesn’t look bruised,” I say. 

She stares back at me. I’m the serpent and she’s the innocent girl in the garden. I’m tempting her, dooming her to lose everything just by taking it from my hand. I think that’s something like how the story went. She looks as it, at me, her hand moves forward before she freezes. Then, she shakes her head and pushes past me. She doesn’t take the apple. I’m standing here in the doorway holding it out to the air. Even the air doesn't take it. 

Maybe this is what it is to be invisible. Around and alive, on the cusp of everything but no one can see you. They look at you and don’t know what they’re looking at or why. 

Cindy (from current WIP, working title: THE BECKONER)

The French fry in my mouth suddenly tasted like dirt and the heat from his touch became a whole new type of warmth under my skin. I opened my mouth to point out that he was lying and that I could see the outline of his cell phone in his jean pocket but what good would it do? He’d obviously done what he came to do. He must have known I hadn’t told Gabby he’d stayed the night. 

Crap. Forget killing Gabby. I was going to kill Eli.
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