Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November!!!

Our lovely Cindy had today's post....but she's been without power and the things in life (like internet) since Saturday. So, I decided I'd jump in and say hello.

HOLY CRAP FRIENDS---It's NOVEMBER. It means a few things.

We're getting closer to this.... 

 And THIS (One of my favorites)....

 And this.....

And these things, which may not be as fun as the others....

And for some people, November also means NaNoWriMo. Which may be fun or not fun, depending on your view. But something that is fun about NaNo? This silly song.

There's also this great video from John Green. AND this post from Rachel Hawkins (Hex Hall) in which she congratulates writers for participating---or not participating---in NaNo. 

The whole point of this random post is to say Welcome to November.   It's a new month. A new time to find something to focus on, to achieve and to look forward to the things that are coming up. The Tangled Girls are excited to spend another month with you talking about writing, goals and all the things in between.

Let us know what you're up to for November!!

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