Saturday, October 19, 2013


My favorite One True Pairings are based on adversarial, challenging, passionate romances. I want heat and conflict. I want these characters to exist solely for each other, but I want them to take their time getting to the romance. No instalove. And no cheesy, romantic declarations either. I want snark. Sarcasm. And admiration bubbling just below the surface of animosity.

Think, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy or Chuck and Blair.

Or, my favorite OTP of all time....Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars (LoVe)!

 (I feel like exclaiming Ta-da! after this gif. )

Why are Lo(gan) & Ve(ronica) such an epic OTP? Well, they certainly didn't start off as lovers, or for that matter, friends. Logan Echolls is the bad boy, popular son of a famous actor. Veronica Mars is the shrewd daughter of the former sheriff who was pushed out after he accused the most wealthy man in Neptune of killing his own daughter. Now, Veronica is a high school pariah who works for her father's detective agency. She may not be popular anymore, but everyone comes to her with a case to solve.

At first, Veronica and Logan are enemies. They cannot stand the sight of each other. Logan is a jerk with an off-center moral compass and Veronica constantly gets in his way.

Until tragedy happens and Logan needs Veronica to solve a mystery only she can.

And then this happens....

And then this....

(Aren't you dying?)

What is it about this pairing that just gives me chills? Perhaps, it's because this volatile romance is best left in fiction. An epic romance like Veronica and Logan's is complicated and conflicted. As it should be, otherwise it would be boring to watch. Their romance is an escape, but not one I'd want to have myself. I adore my reliable, loyal, easy-going husband whose idea of romance is sitting with me on the couch watching a long list of DVR'd shows. That's real. That's normal. And that's comforting.

What Veronica and Logan represent to me is true romance -- the kind that doesn't always have a happy ending. They are always meant to be together even if they can't always be together. That volatility has consequences. Their relationship can be dysfunctional and yet there really aren't any other two people on the planet they should be with.

And so...when the movie (coming in early 2014 -- and hell yeah, I contributed to the Kickstarter campaign) picks up ten years after graduation, we are going to see Veronica and Logan reconnecting after a long absence. Maybe this time, we'll get a happy ending. Or maybe not. I trust Rob Thomas to deliver on LoVe's romance and I'm sure it will be epic.

It is, Logan. It is.

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  1. B/c of you, I clicked on Veronica Mars this morning. I was actually trying to find the Food Network and came across it. I only got to watch a tiny bit, but I've always liked Kristen Bell. She's a great actress!

  2. Ahhh! I *finally* got to read this post today! *squeee* to all the GIFs! LoVe is one of my favorite OTPs for the same reasons you listed above! Oh, and I'm sharing this post with all the other LoVe fans I know who pushed me into meeting them!