Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Favorite Fandom OTPs -- in .gifs + Smiles

This month we're talking about OTP -- ONE TRUE PAIRING. As a member of MANY fandoms (and someone who just got done with being on deadlines for three months non-stop) I'm going to make this totally fun instead of thought-provoking and share with you some of my favorite fandom OTPs in gif form. Why? Because everyone needs a little bit of happiness. (Warning: these are in no particular order, and once I started with the gifs I went a little crazy....)

 TEN AND ROSE (Doctor Who)
Because he loved her so much and I CAN'T.


...Excuse me while I die....

RON & HERMIONE (Harry Potter)
Because they are just so darn cute and I don't know how anyone ever questioned it. Hatred always = love! 

NICK & JESS (New Girl)
Because they are undeniably made for each other. 

I love Friends and I feel like most people root for Ross & Rachel. While I did too, there's always going to be a soft spot in my heart for these two. They didn't make sense at first but when it happened, it worked. Plus, who hasn't dreamed of falling for their best friend? 


Because they are the ultimate definition of bromance -- at the very least -- and friendship and devotion and I love them. And, as an AVID lover of Arthurian stories this show has this huge place in my heart. Forever. 


Ah, bromance....

BROOKE & JULIAN (One Tree Hill)
I always loved Brooke, and she's the best character pay-off in history. I love them together because he sees the real her and she pushes him to be more. I also loved Brooke being happy, and no one did that more than Julian.


CORY & TOPANGA (Boy Meets World)
Because, like it or not, they set the bar REAL high for every twenty-something and they are epitome of excellence in our lives and bars for our romances. (And they have a new show, so I'm excited.)


And last but not least (and CERTAINLY not all!!!)...

I wasn't sure who I was going to pick for this on, but Cappy and Casey are the winners. Basically, I love them. If you need me to tell you WHY they are my OTP, then you have obviously never watched the show. And you should fix that. Like, now. (There's just something about it taking a long time and the payoff of that...)





The best part about OTPs? They all lived happily ever after. (Even if they didn't.) 

 Who are some of YOUR favorite OTPs and why?? 

 Now excuse me....


  1. Ahh, I could crawl into this post and be happy living here :) I adore the ones I recognize (*sniffle* for Ten and Rose because we recently finished season two and I can't yet bring myself to start three, even though my 5yo keeps nagging me to do so) and this gave me a couple new ones to hunt out. When I first read the urban dictionary definition for OTP, Ron and Hermione immediately popped into my mind!

  2. I love all the gifs! The ones for the Doctor and Rose are perfect.