Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OTPs: A Timeline of Fangirling

I was recently re-watching the Anne of Green Gables movie series (my annual go-to when I'm super stressed) and it got me thinking about all the amazing OTPs I've shipped over the past 20 or so years that I've been falling in love with characters falling in love with each other! So without further ado, and likely in not-exactly-chronological order, allow me to present my fangirling life in OTP form! (With the exception of the early years -- when I didn't have a TV -- I'm only listing TV show OTPs because my lifetime list of book character OTPs wouldn't fit on the internet...)

What are some of your favorite OTPs?

 photo 28b7872b-3312-49d7-b4ac-c797626f4438_zpsd53fd845.jpg


  1. Three years for Chuck and Blair -- one of my favorite OTPs ever!
    Although, I have to say...I'm a Stefan and Elena fan myself. I feel like they are more inevitable and better suited.

  2. Yes to Max and Liz from Roswell! Loved them! :)