Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Check-In

Welcome to the first Monday Check-In of October! If you are like us, it helps to have someone keeping you accountable for your writing and making sure you're not procrastinating. So we have our weekly check-ins to help each other keep our goals intact. Feel free to join in with us each week to let us know how your writing goals are going. 

Christina's Check-In: This last week I did my goal! I got 2 chapters written which ended up being just under 5k for me! So this week I want to stick with this goal and do at another 2, at least. I think this WiP is going to be divided into parts as well as chpts and that I'll have 3 parts in it. So this means, I'll be able to start the 2 part soon! I'm excited....I hope that excitement lasts as I continue to write!

Danielle's Check-In: October is insanity for me. I was secretly hoping it wouldn't come. This week I am doing more homework, planning things for the YA Spooktacular and need to catch up on blogging. Between all that, I'll be lucky if I get to write any words, but I'm still excited about all the other things. And a little overwhelmed.

Cindy's Check-In: I've been doing a lot of revising this past week and implementing a new plot into the storyline. I'm happy with how it's coming along so far, even if it is slowly coming. So far I am on schedule with where I want to be with revisions and hope to continue at this pace.

Patricia's Check-In: Last week was not as productive as I'd hoped. Some personal stuff left me feeling drained and not really in a writing-mood. The reading-binge continues however, I read another 5 books last week. This week I'm going to write a piece for YA Spectacular, do homework for my copyediting class, and then get some writing done. 

What about you? How is you writing going this week?

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  1. Yesterday I got a bunch of writing and planning done. I'm hoping to finish one of the two books I'm working on right now by December. Both are around 30k. words.