Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Teaser!

It's time for another Sunday Teaser! Here you go and we hope you enjoy it!~

“Help!” a girl cries out. “Someone help us!”
My feet pound on the floor, no longer a light tapping. I’m not sure what I can do, but I can’t just leave.
I turn left around a corner and call out to the girl, trying to let her know that at least someone is here. Whether I can actually help or not is another matter altogether.
“Is anyone there?” Her voice sounds tinny now, more distant.
“Where are you?” I shout and spin around, taking the other turn.
“Here,” she calls. “It’s my dad! He’s hurt.”
I round another corner and suddenly they’re in front of me. The girl crouches with her father, hazel eyes large as she turns to me. She holds him up halfway, the rest of him slumping to the floor.
“Please,” she says. “Help me. I can’t carry him.” She turns to her father. “Dad? It’s okay. It’s…” Her voice dwindles as he looks up. Purple spots creep over his dark skin, spreading as we watch. It wraps like conduit wiring around his neck and up his face. But it’s his eyes that stop me from helping. They’re tinted yellow with bright red veins that streak through them, just like Elder Gale’s were. He pulls his lips back, revealing his teeth, and a growl emanates from him.
I pull the girl by her arm, away from her father, and shout. “Run!”

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  1. Dun dun dun..

    I can't wait to have time to read your WIP again!! Creeptastic.

  2. That is really cool! I'd so love to read more of this story someday.
    Hmmm, maybe I could e-mail you some of my work, too.

  3. Definitely feel free to email us some stuff. We'd love to share it on our Sunday Teaser posts if you want!