Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Check-In

Welcome to another installment of our Monday Check-In. Each week (or most weeks) we share where we are with our writing. The goal is to keep ourselves accountable for our goals and to encourage one another to keep going when we're in a writing funk. 

So without further adieu, here is today's check-in:
Danielle's Check-In: This weekend I got to hang out with Patricia and Christina. It was so much fun--lots of writing talk and no writing. Unfortunately, this week is going to be super busy with the YA Spooktacular (check it out here!!) and my time is all about promo. I'm also taking care of some personal and school stuff. Writing will probably be non-existent. I AM going to plot some things because NaNoWriMo starts in a week!!! Eeek!

Christina's Check-In: I didn't get more than a page written this week. I was sick all week so I just basically worked, slept, or read books. And this weekend was SUPER busy hanging out with two of our Tangled girls, Danielle and Patricia, along with the some other awesome people too! I plan to get some written this week though! I really need to. Someone yell at me if I haven't gotten at least one whole chapter finished by next check-in!

Cindy's Check-In: I had family in town for over a week for my oldest son's fourth birthday and had very little writing time. That put me behind, but I'm still hoping to finish this round of revisions by the end of October. I've been working on some pacing issues I feel like the WIP has and have been moving/deleting/adding things to fix the problem. Wish me luck! 

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