Monday, July 15, 2013

Four Common Problem Areas in MSs -- an Editor's Blog Tour

I interrupt this regularly scheduled programming of hats (and my, we do have some marvelous posts about them!) with a brief commercial for a hat that I wear. Editing! Last month, Between the Line Edits was started up.

BTL Edits is a freelance editing company that I started with my friend Briana and Patricia. Why? Because we love editing, we love helping writers strengthen their books, and we all have the experience to offer to others. BTL Edits is how we are hoping to do that.

This week launches our first big "Hello, we are here!!" to the writing community. And we're doing it in a practical way. A way that's about YOU (the writer) since that is why we are here anyway.

As editors, we read a lot of manuscripts. In reading all those MSs, we have all learned that there are some areas that tend to repeatedly be problem areas for writers. Four areas, to be exact. Each day for the rest of this week, we are being hosted by some fantastic writing blogs to share with you what those four areas are, and some practical steps you can take to see them and to fix them. You can also get some more information about Between the Line Edits at our website!

Be sure to check out our posts. Here's where we will be! I hope to see you around the blogosphere.

Tuesday -- YA Stands
Wednesday -- The Great Noveling Adventure
Thursday -- IceyBooks
Friday -- YA Misfits

Do you think you know what the four problem areas are? Take some guesses in the comments! 

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