Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hats We Wear - Chrystal

On keeping on the topic of hats we wear, I think I wear more sub-hats (is that a thing? I'm making it a thing) than hats.
I'm a wife, a writer, an editor, a sister, and a mom. Those are what I think of as my main hats, but there's so many different roles, or sub-hats, within each one.
As a mom, I'm also a nurse, cook, alarm clock, playmate, kisser of 'boo-boos', maid, teacher, taxi, and friend.

And, just like my mom role is filled with little jobs, our writer hat is filled with smaller roles too. We're storytellers, drafters, critique partners, and proofreaders. In my case, I'm also a snack food addict and consumer of large amounts of caffeine via jugs of coffee. Oh, and add music junkie because I have to have something playing while I write.

I could go one with all the sub-hats we wear as writers, but I'd rather hear what you think. What kinds of little roles do you take on as a writer?

Beside being a writer, what are some of the other hats you wear? What's your favorite hat to wear?

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