Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy July!

It's July -- which means we are back!  Everyone here is very excited to be rejoining the blogging world. I wanted to take some time today to make sure that you knew a few things about Tangled, and what the rest of 2013 means for us.

New faces.

We've added some new Tangled Girls to the mix! Asja, Kimberly, Brianna, Chrystal, Lisa and Emma. You can learn more about each of them here. We brought on the new girls because we exist to talk about the whole journey of writing, but since we've started, a lot of us have taken on different roles or experienced new things that aren't just writing anymore.

We wanted to add some diversity to the blog and stick by our commitment to represent various areas of publishing. Now we have soon-to-be published authors, writers who are just starting out, writers who have agents, editors, a publicist, and a fantastic gal in the UK, which obviously means she's awesome. We're really excited for all the girls, and hope that you will connect with them all as much as you have with us over the last two years.

Same purpose.

One thing we'll be doing now is talking about publishing. We have people doing various tasks -- not just writing -- and we want to talk about writing through those routes as well as being a writer. What does a book look like from the editing process? What's it like after your book is out? What's it like right before it meets the world? Or before you ever send a query letter or after you've sent 100? We're really excited to explore some other sides of writing that we've never done before. Hopefully you will be too.


We're also having a giveaway!! Keep checking back on this post because we will be adding some books. It will last until July 12 and then we'll be sending the books to the winner. To enter, just leave a comment on this post!

In fact, each day someone posts between now and the 12th, they will link somewhere to this giveaway. You can comment on every post and be entered. Just make sure you leave your email or twitter somewhere so we can find you!

Here are the books up for grabs! 

WILD AWAKE by Hilary T. Smith
THE CAGED GRAVES by Dianne Salemi

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating our relaunch with us!

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  1. Well, I already have a copy of Wild Awake, but I've been wanting to read The Caged Graves...and I can always pass or both on to various other readers I know. :) Mostly, I had it on my calendar to visit your blog today, check out the redesign, and show some support - but free books are always a nice plus!

    I like your new banner art - it's a neat mix of the simple and the chaotic-in-a-good way.

  2. Glad to see you all back! I can't believe it's July already. June just flew by!

  3. I'm always up for winning books! I'm new to the blog, sent here by Kimberly. Looks interesting, so I'll be back.

  4. I was just cleaning up my blog list, glad to see your blog is sticking around!