Monday, February 13, 2012

How To Save a WIP and Check In

Hello again! *waves* It's Monday! Here's what we were up to last week and what we want to do this week.
Danielle: Cindy and I were on a writing retreat with some of our other friends. It was awesome and very productive. I kept working on my new WIP and wrote 10k over the weekend. Now, I'll spend the week polishing that some that and working on crits for friends--as well as sleeping. I'm really excited about the work I did and where the story is going!
Cindy: Had the most amazing time at the writing retreat Danielle just mentioned. My goal was to write 6K over the course of the weekend and somehow, miraculously, I was able to actually accomplish that goal. I'm so very excited about this new WIP and after such a great weekend, I'm ready to keep writing.

Christina: So last week I said I wanted to get between 4-8k done and, yeah, I didn't get that much written. I wrote about 3k though. I didn't have the weekend to write because I was so busy, so that's part of why I didn't get as much done. This week, I am gonna try to actually get 4-8k written! (hopefully closer to 8k)

Patricia: This week was a tough one for me, a variety of things kept me from writing (some tangible, some in my head). I did get my outline finished, so not a total loss. Here's hoping that next week is better for my book. :)

This week starts a new segment--6 Ways to Save a WIP. Over the last two weeks, we each shared a struggle, and now we're going to talk about fixing those issues. Check out the issues we'll be addressing.

What are you doing this week?

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