Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's Talk about Books

It's that time again! We get to share what we did or didn't do last week---and what we want to do this week. As always, feel free to chime in and tell us your goals.

Danielle: So, last week I wrote one chapter. Which doesn't sound like much but man, I was in pain. I did read a lot of books. This weekend I wrote another! Now I want to edit that chapter and write another new one. Only two more chapters stand between me and this huge chapter point in my WIP. I want to be at that point before I go to London in two weeks. I love this story so much and it's a lot of fun to dive into.

Patricia: This week was more of the same for me, brainstorming and percolating (aka procrastinating). I worked on an editing project for a good chunk of time and then at the very end of the weekend got down to some writing. It wasn't an amazing week, but definitely better than weeks where I've gotten no writing done, so I'll take it! Positive thinking, FTW this week!

Cindy:  Over the last week I spent a lot of time brainstorming on my new WIP, but not a lot of writing. I'm hoping that will change this week, but I was able to get a good chunk of critiquing done, which was nice. My goal for this week will be to write 1K each day for the new WIP. And I'm with Patricia, positive thinking FTW!

What are you up to this week??

The next two weeks on Tangled, we're going to talk about BOOKS. I know I know--it's exciting. Because we're all writers here but even more, we're book lovers. There's no better way to learn about writing than by reading. So we're going to review a book. But instead of gushing, we're each going to talk about a certain technique in a book and how it works/what we learned from it. It should be fun!

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