Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday means...

It's time again to check in about our writing goals from last week and what we want to accomplish this week! As always, chime in and let us know what you're up to!!

Danielle: Well, I have this weird hand/arm thing going on--which started pre-retreat and is really bad now. It may be carpal tunnel, but we're not sure yet. Boo. Lots of unhappiness. So I didn't write a lot. I did manage a post (killer!) and an edit of a really big scene from last weekend (win). This week, I'm so busy and have a schedule full of appointments that I'll be lucky if I write anything. But soldier on!

Christina: So someone needs to yell at me. I only wrote about 2k last week and it wasn't even because I was busy or anything. I just got lazy this week. No other excuse really. I did get some crits and reading done for CPs though. This week I really want to stick to getting some writing done. I have today and am planning on getting a good amount of writing done-hopefully. Anyway, someone yell at me if I don't hit at least 4k this week!

Check out how these ways to kill and save a WIP and join us as we continue on.

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