Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Shiny New Idea

You're right in the middle of writing a novel that you actually like, but maybe you're having trouble with a few scenes. Or maybe you're revising a novel and aren't sure how much more revisions you can take. You probably love the novel you're working on, but that won't stop you from having this problem:

The shiny new idea.

We've talked about this before (Here, Here & Here). The Shiny New Idea is exciting and when you're thinking about it from afar, it can seem like the perfect idea. It's the answer to all your writing woes. You can't wait to dig in and get to know your new characters. They're excited to meet you! You're going to rock this new WIP! All you have to do is drop your current WIP and get started.

But wait! Remember when you first fell in love with your old WIP? Remember when that idea was shiny and new? It felt perfect too, right? And you were sure that this idea was the one. I get it. I really do. I've been there. I'm there now, actually. I'm so close to finishing up revisions on my WIP. I only have tiny little things to change and fix, but those things aren't going to fix themselves.

It's a battle everyday to ignore the shiny new idea. I want to write it. I'm in love with it already. I want to move on already, but like I just said: the problems with the old WIP aren't going to fix themselves. And this question keeps going through my head:

If I don't believe in my manuscript enough to devote those extra hours to it and make it the best it can be, who else is going to?

Maybe it's not fun and maybe I do have a shiny new idea that I'm dying to get started on, but in the end, I know the shiny new idea has to wait its turn. 

I know it's hard, but for now don't let the shiny new idea kill your WIP.


  1. Wise, wise, advise! I solved that problem by putting the shiny new ideas in a designated folder. They can't come out till they can drive on their own. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Great post! I just talked about this on my other blog. Shiny New Ideas are hard to ignore, but like Indigo, mine go in a notebook until I can get to it.