Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Check-in

It's Monday again, and a bit of sad one here in Boston since the Patriots are not the victors. (Also, kinda funny on my end to see grown men that upset about it.) This week we'll be continuing our "Six Ways to Kill a WIP" segment, and we hope you join our discussion. 

Since it is Monday, it's time for a check-in where we share what we accomplished last week, what we want to do this week and all the things standing in the way.

Christina:  I got quite a bit done this week. About a total of 5k words which is about 2 and a half chapters for this story. It really doesn't feel like I did that much. I'm a bit shocked actually. I kinda felt like I was distracted by all the shiny things (*cough*pinterest*cough*) on the internet. But that means I met my goal and some for last week! Yay! I also finished plotting out the last 10 chapters completely too. So my goal for this week (and until I finish this WiP) is at least 2-3 chapters a week. Which would probably be between 4-8k words. I'm really hoping to finish this draft in March!

Cindy: Pretty much the same as last week....Revising.

Danielle: It's so funny because for weeks I have been stuck between this chapter I wrote and where I thought the story needed to go. I had no idea why I couldn't progress, and even debated whether or not I should tell this story. But then, something happened at work on Friday. I can't even tell you what it was. But I knew the story. I spend the weekend plotting it out (all twenty-four chapters!) and wrote two chapters. I now have 9K done in the first four chapters and I can't wait to keep working on this story!

Patricia: This week brought heartache when I realized I was stuck in writing, had a headache where I couldn't move, and then a miraculous cure for both when I figured out the plot of my book! I spent a good chunk of the weekend (though not as much as I would have liked... grumble boring super bowl grumble) fleshing out the plot scene by scene. It still needs a little work, but by the end of this week I aim to be writing and knocking out this first draft!

What are you working on this week??

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